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100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Eye Shadow

Our eye shadow is fabricated with 100% Pure Fruit to give you a last of the beautiful eyeshadows, this eye shadow is cue for our all-natural makeup, sterling for admirers who are hunting for a more natural look. Our eye shadow is in like manner matte, making it fantastic for shoppers who covet a true- tragedian look, our eye shadow as well eco-friendly, making it vegan and vegan, vegan, vegan. So go ahead and take your "antasy" up a notch with our 100% Pure fruit- Pigmented eye shadow.

100% Pure Eye Shadow

This is an 100% Pure eye shadow lineup that contains 100 Pigmented palettes that are blush, tangerine, green, brown, blue, and brown with a naked look, these palettes are berry numbered and all the colors are +/- 0. 95 x the color of the actual product, this new luminizer blush palette is a splendid tool for adding some color to your look. The shadow is uncomplicated to set and it's top grade for both eyes, the Pure eye is a new set of eyeshadows from Pure eye shop. This set is 100% pigmented, and looks pretty n' pretty out of the package, the colors are light & fluffy, making them a first-class way for on-the-go lookers. This set is additionally new in the new sealed product offering, our 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented eye shadow is designed to give your look a touch with a natural look, 100% Pure cosmetics purity cosmetics Fruit Pigmented eyeshadow is fantastic for. This 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented eye shadow is a top-rated match for the look of fruit, it is said to be straightforward to handle and to make your looked better than black eyes.