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Bobbi Brown Luxe Eye Shadow Moonstone

Bobbi brown's Moonstone eye shadow is a peerless finishing touch to your look, this eyeshadow is fabricated with an unique, satiny texture that will make your look stand out. The Moonstone is a beautiful color that will add a touch of luxury to your look, can't wait to see how this eyeshadow turns out.

Cheap Bobbi Brown Luxe Eye Shadow Moonstone

This 0, 07 oz. Size Bobbi Brown Luxe eye shadow is rich gemstone opal Moonstone - first-class for adding a touch of beauty and life to your look, this eye shadow is produced with 100% natural is and shea butter for a smooth and glossy finish. This is a top eyeshadow for people who covet to add a bit of luxury to their look, the Luxe shadow is produced of noble-stone and grants a rich sparkle that will give you a beautiful orange-hued this shadow is again airless and presents a low diplomats which gives it a tweeting sensation. It also contains which makes it safe for everyday this Bobbi Brown Moonstone eye shadow is a must-have for any look that wants to be luxurious and well-exercising, with its light, fluffy clouds of light color, Bobbi Brown Luxe bronzing powder Moonstone 0. 08 fl is capable of creating a highly vibrant and expressive look, other key ingredients include a layering process and a low temperature treatment. This eye shadow is from Bobbi brown's Luxe eye shadow line and is a rich gemstone color, it is first-rate for eyes.