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Pacifica Eye Shadow

The Pacifica wild hemp infused eye shadow is a vegan eye shadow line that is manufactured with only real hemp and in the ingredients, this line as well cruelty-free and gives a low calorie content. The eyeshadow implications are clear, unrivaled for lovers with sensitive eyes, the shades are: crimson medium wild harbinger the Pacifica wild hemp infused eye shadow is an unrivaled alternative for people with an environmental or health concern. This line is additionally vegan and offers no harmful chemicals, for more information on this and other vegan eye shadows, please visit our.

S Palette 3.6g/.12 Oz Ea New
Pacifica Beauty 10 Well Eye Shadow, Pink Nudes, 0.2 Ounce #2175

Pacifica Beauty 10 Well Eye

By Eyeshadow


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Palette Highlight Crystal Natural Minerals

Pacifica Mineral Eye Shadow Palette

The Pacifica beauty 10 well eye shadow palette is a terrific place to brace yourself for the real thing, and lush hues like black, olive, and red are sterling for any skin type, while the soft cream, brown, and light slaves bring a little bit of everything to the table. If you're wanting for something to put a little bit of everything in your eyes, Pacifica twinkle paint liquid eye shadow is the eye shadow set for you! The Pacifica wild hemp infused eye shadow palette is an outstanding way to get five unique and exciting shades of eye shadow, this palette is new in box, and extends a very strong held proletariat trend. The shades are deep green, purple, pink, blue, and journalism, some of the ingredients in the are: -pacifica wild hemp infused eye blue the Pacifica wild hemp infused eyeshadow palette is a top-rated substitute for any woman who wants to get her exceptional wanting eyes. The Pacifica wild hemp infused eye shadow palette is a splendid alternative to get several different shades of eye shadow in one place! It comes with two boxes of five shades each, new in box, the eyeshadow is light and fluffy, top-notch for the skin type i am in. This eyeshadow is exquisite for people who yearn to add a little bit more life to their makeup, the Pacifica beach crystals natural mineral eye shadow palette 5 shades new in box is designed to give you the opportunity to try many of the colors of eye shadow out there. There are few shades that are new in the box, but overall moonflower otherworldly eyeshadow is an unrivaled eye shadow book, the colors and healthy, making this is an enticing way for the health and beauty lover in your life.